about the project

Creation of the Cultural Route Project “The Hunya Road” is implemented within the partnership program "Culture. Tourism. Regions" with financial support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, USAID’s Competitive Economy Program (CEP) and the Office of Small and Medium Entrepreneurship Development (SME.DO) at the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine.

One of the main activities of the Regional Development Agency (RDA) of Zakarpattia region is to support and ensure sustainable development of the Carpathian region. With this purpose, the Center for Sustainable Development of the Ukrainian Carpathians has started operating on the basis of the Agency. The activities of the Center are directly aimed at preserving the cultural heritage of Carpathian region and its promotion and use for tourism purposes with regards to sustainable development. Therefore, the RDA took part in the competition program of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation "Culture. Tourism. Regions” for 2020. The program aims to enhance tourist attractiveness of the regions by stimulating local cultural development of communities and generating competitive cultural products. The program is designed for a pilot joint project the UCF, USAID’s Competitive Economy Program (CEP) and SME.DO (Office of Small and Medium Entrepreneurship Development at the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture). The CEP selected two regions for the pilot project: Zakarpattia and Odesa.

Creation of the cultural route project, “The Hunya Road” is directly aimed at one of the program priorities: creation of a new competitive and innovative product through the development and implementation of a cultural route in Richka village of Mizhhirya district of Zakarpattia. By establishing this cultural route, we aim at revival and promotion of traditional folk craft of mountain population – the production of wool clothing as an element of the cultural heritage of Zakarpattia. Active involvement of local residents, bearers of hunya-making tradition, local business, community and government ensures that the cultural route will promote local community development.

With our project, we create an innovative product – a cultural route that provides a comprehensive approach to socio-economic development of the community of remote mountain settlements by combining natural attractions of Polonyna Borzhava with traditional mountain farming and production of sheep wool clothing by folk craftsmen.

The main objectives of the project include:

- development and creation of a cultural route in the village of Richka;

- promotion of traditional crafts and route locations on social networks and creation of “The Hunya Road” website;

- training for folk craftsmen and owners of rural farmsteads in the village of Richka to improve skills and promote tourist attractiveness of the village;

- popularization of traditional crafts and mountain farming in the region to ensure sustainable development of mountainous areas.

By creating an example of cultural route in the village of Richka, we will work out an effective case for creating similar routes that will be used in the future for preservation of cultural heritage and development of tourist attractiveness of the Ukrainian Carpathians.

Creation of the cultural route project “The Hunya Road” takes 5 months (June-October 2020).

The total project budget is 373,781 UAH.

Project coordinator – Vladyslav Tovtyn

Project coordinator assistant – Nadiya Yashyna